How color fosters emotion & energy

By Madaras Gallery Staff

Color is powerful, and it's not just a matter of opinion. There have been numerous studies done on the effects of color on the human mind (a field called chromodynamics), and many of the principles discovered have been incorporated into our lives without us even knowing it. For example, simply changing the color of an "Act Now!" button from green to red on a sales website resulted in a 21% increase in conversion. Make no mistake - color matters.  Although Diana Madaras doesn't choose her colors for the same reasons a marketer does, she still selects them to make the viewer feel a certain way. Here's a look into how that's done. 

Varieties of Color & Emotion

Diana Madaras is known as a colorist - she uses color to express emotion. As her paintings often portray images of the vibrantly colored Southwest, it is not surprising that there are such a variety of colors in her work. Take a look at this Southwest painting entitled "Mexican Courtyard." It's important to note that even though there is no "action" occurring in the painting, the colors used - bold oranges and reds with complimentary greens - still manage to convey feelings of excitement and calm simultaneously. This conveyance of two seeming opposite emotions is a hallmark of Madaras' work and is one of the reasons her paintings have such widespread appeal. If a painting's color palette churns up a broad spectrum of emotions, it makes for a painting that will be appreciated for years to come.

Sometimes the colors of nature can hand an artist a great concept for a painting, like this piece entitled "Painted Sky." The idea of something being so vibrant and colorful in real life makes the artist's job quite fun and difficult at the same time. This painting was commissioned from a real photograph, and the use of numerous and varied shades of red, yellow and pink perfectly capture the extravagant sunsets of Southern Arizona. The sunsets here in Tucson are so colorful, it's easy to think that the artist is using too much color when replicating them on canvas. Of course, we who live in the desert know that is not true!

This is just a quick glimpse into the incredible color choices Diana Madaras makes in her artwork...but if you'd like to see more, look no further than her Online Gallery. She also maintains 2 Tucson Art Galleries filled with her beautiful paintings. Come by and visit us sometime to find the perfect Southwestern gift or painting for yourself and a loved one!