Diana Paints Tucson

Nov 1

Diana Paints Tucson

Tucson is known for its incredible mountain ranges, wildlife, and the Saguaro National Park, but it is also known for its architecture. Diana Madaras has beautifully captured some of Tucson's most iconic locations in her paintings,

San Xavier Mission by Diana Madaras

San Xavier Mission is a church that still conducts services and has brought its community together since 1797. It was founded by Father Kino in the late 18th century. San Xavier Mission has been described as the Sistine Chapel of the United States because of its beautiful Spanish colonial architecture and art that adorns its interior. It is located 10 miles from downtown Tucson on the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation. Tucsonans fondly refer to the mission as the “White Dove of the Desert.” San Xavier Mission has free admission and has hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Meyer Street by Diana Madaras

I have painted this doorway in downtown Tucson several times, but this time I wanted to capture more of the building and the iconic barrio district that preserves our heritage and makes our city so unique.”

— Diana Madaras

Meyer street is rich with history and spanish culture. Once named “Flower Alley,” this sweet street is still lined with beautiful flowers and adobe homes. It is the perfect family field trip and a must-see in Tucson!

Fountain at Old Main by Diana Madaras

The Fountain at Old Main can be found at the west end of the University of Arizona’s campus. Old Main is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Alexander Berger Memorial Fountain is dedicated to the brave men and women who died in World War I. John and Peggy Morehouse were engaged at this fountain 43 years ago and commissioned this painting to commemorate their anniversary.

Inner Sanctum by Diana Madaras

In the 1930’s, John and Helen Murphey built Hacienda Del Sol as a private girls’ school located in the Catalina Foothills of Tucson. In 1944 it was turned into an exclusive guest ranch. People travel near and far to visit this extraordinary inn. Hacienda del Sol’s charm and well-manicured grounds provide a wealth of painting opportunities.

Hacienda Gate 2 by Diana Madaras

The rustic burnt sienna walls, the Spanish style bell in the arch above the entrance, and the lush desert vegetation, portray the very best of Tucson style. 

These are just a few of the many examples of the wonderful architecture found within Tucson. One of the beautiful things about the city of Tucson is its endless desert gems to discover. 

The original paintings sold long ago, but high-quality canvas reproductions are still available on the website.

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