“Amore” is the Italian word for “love,” and Diana Madaras is known for painting what she loves. The 2023 Annual Show will feature 15 new paintings ranging from scenes of Madaras’ recent travels in Italy, to expansive landscapes depicting the desert she calls home, and her favorite animals.
“Every painting tells the story of something that is deeply important to me,” Madaras said. “In this show, I have painted in traditional Madaras style, but also allowed myself the freedom to push the envelope. At Madaras Gallery, I have the flexibility to show whatever I choose, and therefore have luxury of exploration and creative growth.
For that, I am forever grateful.”

- Diana Madaras

  • SOLD

    Mike's Saguaros by Diana Madaras

    Acrylic | Size: 30x40" | Framed size: 40x50" | $8,000

    My contractor friend, Mike, invited me to view the house he was building at the end of Swan Road. The huge, modern home backed up to a sheer rock outcropping. The house was amazing, but what really captivated me was the dramatic mountain/desert scene behind it.

  • SOLD

    Debbie's Cholla by Diana Madaras

    Watercolor | Size: 13x18" | Framed size: 21.5x26.5" | $2,800

    My dog Maxwell Smart is in love with my friend Debbie’s dog, Lotti. We often walk together, and on this particular morning when I arrived at Debbie’s house, I noticed the cholla were ablaze in white light from the hot summer sun.

  • SOLD

    Super Bloom by Diana Madaras

    Acrylic | Size: 36x72" | Framed: 42x78" | $15,000

    Friend and collector Jim Federico took an incredible photo of Picacho Peak when the wildflowers were in full bloom. Abundant winter rains afforded a “super bloom” in the desert this spring. Awash with life and color, Picacho Peak is always rich with wildflowers, but never more so than this year.

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    Tea Roses by Diana Madaras

    Watercolor + Pastel | Size: 22x30" | Framed size: 33x40" | $4,500

    To create the background which set the tone for this still life, I poured paint onto wet watercolor paper. I took advantage of some light areas to place the flowers, and left other light areas untouched to create a mottled effect. The pouring adds a lot to the abstraction and interesting design of this piece.

  • SOLD

    Dreamy Quail by Diana Madaras

    Watercolor + Acrylic | Size: 9x12" | Framed size: 18x21" | $2,000

    When friend and photographer, David Lovitt, came around the corner of his house, he noticed a quail nestled in the bougainvillea. Fortunately, he had his camera with him and captured the beautiful bird in the soft morning light. He was kind enough to let me use his photo as inspiration for this painting. His photo hangs in the Gallery next to the painting. Proceeds from the photo will be donated to Make Way for Books.

  • SOLD

    Abstract Saguaro by Diana Madaras

    Acrylic | Size: 16x20" | Framed size: 22x25" | $2,500

    Sometimes I give myself permission to play, and I had great fun with this one. I thought the painting was finished, but after seeing some inspirational abstract art in Italy, I came home, took the painting out of the frame, and worked on it for many more days. I added more shapes and colors until I was finally happy with it.

  • SOLD

    Amber's Bobcat by Diana Madaras

    Watercolor on Yupo | Size: 12x12" | Framed size: 20x20" | $2,500

    My friend Amber took a photo of this handsome fellow perched in a tree. The painting is part of a new series, “Call of the Wild,”-- all painted with watercolor on Yupo paper with white backgrounds.

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    Purple Roses by Diana Madaras

    Collage | Size: 22x30" | Framed size: 34x40" | $3,500

    I did a series of “poured” paintings with fellow artist Betsy Dillard Stroud. We wet large sheets of watercolor paper, then poured 4 or 5 diluted colors directly onto the paper and let the paint run every which way. The process created an interesting background one could not get with direct painting. After the paper dried, I cut pieces of handmade paper and made a collage onto the sheet forming the flowers and vase. This is one of the few collages I have ever offered in my collection.

  • SOLD

    Barb's Flowers by Diana Madaras

    Watercolor + Pastel | Size: 10x14" | Framed size: 18x22" | $1,500

    A fellow artist once asked me, “what are you trying to say with this piece?” I think about that a lot when I paint. In this painting, my objective was to create a soft floral scene using a combination of wet-on-wet techniques (which creates a dreamy effect) and vibrant pastels. I especially like the little dots of pink that peek through in various places—a happy surprise.

  • SOLD

    Wood Duck by Diana Madaras

    Watercolor | Size: 9x12" | Framed: 18x21" | $2,500

    Thanks to photographer Howard Paley, I had the opportunity to use his photo as inspiration when painting this beautiful duck floating on a pond at Reid Park in the heart of Tucson.

  • SOLD

    Desert Heat by Diana Madaras

    Acrylic | Size: 18x24" | Framed size: 26x32" | $3,500

    I was inspired by the summer sunsets and began working on this scene of the sun descending behind the Tucson mountains. As I painted, I had the urge to throw in splashes of red in the vegetation signifying the intense heat we experienced this summer. The reds and pinks that blanket the desert at sunset are magnificent.

  • SOLD

    Italian Coastline by Diana Madaras

    Watercolor | Size:11x14" | Framed size: 19x23" | $1,500

    The picturesque, colorful cities along the Italian coast provide an endless source of painting inspiration. I liked the way the three boats in the foreground echoed the colors on the buildings in the town. This scene is from Vernazza, thought to be the most beautiful of the seaport villages. I used handmade watercolor paper that I discovered in an old mill atop a steep hill in Amalfi. The mill was best known for producing paper for the Vatican at one time.

  • SOLD

    Florence by Diana Madaras

    Watercolor | Size: 7x9" | Framed size: 13.5x16" | $1,250

    My favorite stop in Italy was Florence. This pen and ink sketch, then painted with watercolor, is the view from the Piazza Michelangelo high on the hill above the city. I was in awe of the immense Duomo (large dome) and the intricate designs on the exterior of the structure that took 142 years to build. It is one of the greatest masterpieces of Gothic art. This Florentine cathedral is one of the largest churches in existence.

  • SOLD

    Shrine in Capri by Diana Madaras

    Watercolor | Size: 10x15" | Framed size: 19x22" | $3,200

    During our stay on the Amalfi coast, we took a ferry to Capri. Despite the heat and humidity, we decided to climb the narrow stone steps from sea level to the city center at the top of the mountain. About halfway up, we stopped to rest and admire an ancient shrine carved into the wall. It helped motivate us to continue our journey, which amounted to about 36 flights of stairs. This painting was made on handmade paper from Italy.

  • SOLD

    Flowers at Ravello by Diana Madaras

    Watercolor + Pastel | Size: 12x16" | Framed size: 19x22" | $1,800

    Ravello is known as the romantic town on the Amalfi coast, and on the day we traveled there, it rained. That didn’t stop us from going on a hike through the city that ended with a walk through the magnificent gardens of Cimbrone. The amazing estate overlooked the ocean and was teeming with lavish gardens and spring flowers. I liked the way the flowers cascaded down the side of the old pot. “Flowers at Ravello” is painted on handmade paper from Italy.

  • SOLD

    Land of Lemons by Diana Madaras

    Watercolor | Size: 11x15" | Framed: 20x23" | $1,500

    In Ravello was a lemon orchard situated next to the restaurant where we ate lunch. The Amalfi coast is the “Land of Lemons” with lemons everywhere and depicted on everything including fabric, ceramics, knickknacks, potholders, clothing, and more. And, of course, there is limoncello. The brilliant yellow lemons growing among the wooden supports were a beautiful sight. “Land of Lemons” is painted on handmade paper from Italy.