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Book- Private Spaces

Book- Private Spaces

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Diana Madaras- Private Spaces

A beautiful book about art & life

How did a Jersey girl become a desert dweller who walked away from a successful marketing career to pursue her passion for art? In Private Spaces, explore Madaras’ inspiring and sometimes heart-wrenching life journey on the way to becoming one of the region’s most well-known and influential artists.

Private Spaces is also a 20-year retrospective of exquisitely reproduced paintings. The 150 images in the book begin with her first watercolors from the Bahamas and Greece, and continue with later work from her African sojourn and South Dakota Artist Rides.   In her unique and colorful style, southwest landscapes, animals and florals are portrayed from 1992 to present, along with newer paintings that few have seen.

“Diana Madaras is becoming a legend in her own time. Few are the artists who can inspire emotions through art. Diana is one of the few.”

Clive Cussler, New York Times best-selling author and Madaras Collector

“As a book publisher with two major New York houses for over 40 years, I can attest that it is a rare coincidence where a gifted artist is also a gifted writer. In the case of Diana Madaras’ book, Private Spaces, all such notions wither and beg reconsideration. This is a book about one of Tucson’s leading artists and her art; and her mastery of writing equals that of her painting. The book succinctly conveys the passion behind the stroke of her brush and the combination of her writing skills and painting talents makes this book not simply sensational, but thrilling. This book should be in the library or on the coffee table of anyone who wants to hear about art as well as see it.

Paul Donnelly, former V.P and Dir. of Editorial, Random House Business Division and Oxford University Press 
“Seldom does a book of this nature rivet one’s attention. Private Spaces scores well with a mixture of autobiography, love of animals, and exquisite artistry wrapped up in one package; Diana Madaras.”​ 

Scott Dyke, Green Valley News Art 
Private Spaces is a beautiful keepsake. If you love Madaras art, this 160-page coffee-table book is a must!                 

160 pages–Hard Cover book   9.5” x 11.5”; 150 paintings : 105 photographs               

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