Meet Maxwell Smart

Maxwell Smart 

Hi Everyone, I’m Maxwell Smart and my mom is Diana Madaras, the artist. I wanted to introduce myself and share what I’ve learned in my brief time on earth.

-I spent the first six months of my life on the streets of Nogales and never had enough to eat.
-Animal Control picked me up and said I would be euthanized, but I didn’t know what that meant.
-When someone sent Mom my baby pictures, she decided to adopt me. I was kind of sickly and only 26 pounds, and my head was too big for my body.
-When I first moved in, Mom couldn’t understand why I pulled everything out of the garbage cans in the house, but I thought that’s where dinner came from.
-I didn’t understand why I had to go bathroom in a special place or why I got locked in a crate occasionally. I also didn’t understand this leash-walking thing, and in protest sat down in the middle of the street and refused to move. Why couldn’t I run free, and why was Mom crying?
-After hours of training, I began to understand what was expected and realized I’d won the doggie lottery. I was safe, loved, and actually had 2 meals a day served to me!
-I got anxious one morning when Mom left for a meeting, and wasn’t sure she would come back, so I decided to do what she usually did. I went into the studio and picked out my favorite red paint and brought it to dad in the bedroom. But he was in the kitchen, and I was hungry, so I ate the paint.
When Mom got home, she got upset and said the bedroom looked like a crime scene. I thought the red paint looked really pretty on the white carpet, just like one of her paintings. She thought I was bleeding out. She kept calling poison control, and I had to endure 4 baths that day. My tummy hurt and I made bright red piles in the yard for a while, but I was OK.

Max gets into paint
-She also got really mad when I tried to eat an open safety pin and dad’s razor. She called me a “Roomba”, whatever that is.
-Now I’m 15 months old (and still alive) and 52 pounds. I’ve grown a beautiful tail, and everyone wants to pet me. I think Mom likes that.
-I’m also a cover dog, which means nothing to me, but Mom seems to like that, too.


How Diana found Max

Diana and Max

Diana Madaras and Maxwell Smart. Photo Credit: Candice Eaton

I’ve had pets ever since I was a child living in an apartment attached to my dad’s veterinary hospital.” In 2021, my two older dogs passed away, and I decided to take a break. I wasn’t ready for the responsibility of another dog.

But despite all the charity work I do for animals, I felt a huge emptiness in my life that could not be filled by friends or family. My dogs had been my constant companions in the painting studio, and I loved them fiercely even after they broke my painting hand in 2014 when they pulled me down during a walk. Both were 14 years old when they died, and I’d had them since puppies. I was heartbroken.

Then, last October, Amy Cubillas, founder of the dog rescue organization called the Sanctuary Project, sent me a photo of a puppy looking for a new home.

Max baby pic 1  Max baby pic 2

Max's "baby" pictures

He was found roaming the streets of Nogales and was slated for euthanasia since the shelter there was over-crowded. My heart leapt from my chest. He was one of the cutest puppies I’d ever seen, and I knew immediately he would come live with us. Before I’d even met him, his name popped into my head, and I had a tag made for his collar that read "Maxwell Smart." And so began the adventure with this amazing little being.


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