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Book - Colors of Tucson

Book - Colors of Tucson

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Something extraordinary happens when everyday scenes take on a whole new dimension at the hands of  Diana Madaras. She takes us on an artful journey woven through the special places of her beloved Tucson. This book of 90 paintings rekindles memories for Tucsonans while introducing newcomers and visitors to the Old Pueblo. Colors of Tucson creates a picture-perfect memento of one of the most glorious places on the planet. Its wonders unfold before you—page by colorful page.

Commented the book’s editor, Barbara McNichol, “Diana has opened my eyes and my heart to the colors of Tucson in her beautifully varied style that shouts vibrant. Like thousands of locals who appreciate her magnificent work, I’m eager to share the beauty of our city through this delightful collection of local treasures by Tucson’s top artist.”

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