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Jumping Jack Flash- Canvas

Jumping Jack Flash- Canvas

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Canvas giclées are premium reproductions printed on canvas, mirroring the texture and essence of an original painting. Every color and brushstroke from Diana's artwork is meticulously captured through a high-fidelity printing process. The canvas is expertly stretched and gallery-wrapped on all sides, ensuring it arrives to your door ready-to-hang. There is no additional framing required, making it effortless to enhance the charm of your space. 

Jumping Jack Flash- I loved seeing jack rabbits on my morning walk at Tombstone Monument Ranch when I painted there. Seeing a jack rabbit is said to be a sign of good luck. When I walked the two mile dirt road in the morning, I would try to get as close as I could to the rabbits who were also up at dawn. If I approached this guy very slowly, he would let me get close before taking off in a flash. Rabbits as Totem Animals are symbols of creative problem solving.

— Diana Madaras

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